ArtAround: Pathways Visual Artist – Chelsea Darling

Uplifting Our Ecosystem, 2023 Chelsea Darling

Materials:   Steel

Dimensions:  13’x10’x5′

Artist’s Statement: 

Linger for a moment here. Do we have the attention it takes to fully embrace the gifts of the Earth? It takes longer than just your first glance. Longer than it takes a text message to send. Yes, even longer than an Instagram reel.

Earth has its own time. It’s easy to forget, when we’ve strived so much as a species to condense our processes into quick, quick, quick. Meanwhile Earth reaches out with a bounty of cattails. A blessing of bees. A laughter of flowers. A conversation of joy, waiting for you to slow down and hear it.

I took time to respond to this conversation myself, slowly crafting my own reply. To appreciate the details and forge them in iron. To celebrate the delicate balance of this ecosystem, and recreate them in a way that I hope inspires others to embrace them as well. Please, enjoy.


About the Artist

Chelsea Darling is a sculptural and ornamental ironwork artist based in Smyrna, Georgia. Their work, produced under the company name Darling Metals, combines traditional blacksmithing with modern fabrication techniques to create uniquely captivating works of art.

To carefully craft these works, Chelsea asks one question above all others: “How can my art make a better world?” Whether by provoking deeper levels of understanding, uplifting communities and immortalizing their stories, or simply inspiring appreciation for the natural world, the artist encapsulates seeds of positive change in every sculpture.