ArtAround: Pathways Visual Artist – Jane Cheek

They Danced Among the Trees, 2023 Jane Cheek

Materials:  Mixed Media, including mylar, acrylic paint, stainless hardware and braided rope

Dimensions:  150’W x 1’D x 4’H

Artist’s Statement: 

“They Danced Among The Trees” is inspired by memories of twirling in forests and watching dappled light dance through green canopies. My installation work is an intentional exploration of joy and a deliberate act of choosing happiness. Drawing inspiration from cherished memories of experiences in nature and with loved ones, I create large-scale installations that magnify moments of happiness, aiming to sustain joy in my own life. Through my work, I delve into the fragility of joy, the significance of gratitude, the importance of memorializing moments, and the ever-changing nature of happiness. The colorful and kinetic work plays with the reflective and refractive properties of light while casting colorful shadows beyond the physical boundaries of the installation. Using simple shapes, contours, and familiar imagery, I create artwork that amplifies joy in a hyperbolic format. I hope that my work will inspire a sense of wonder and delight in the viewer and serve as a reminder to cherish and savor the happy moments in life.

About the Artist

Jane Cheek was born in Winston-Salem, NC and earned a BA in Art Studies from NC State University. She later obtained a K-12 Visual Arts Education certification from East Carolina University and recently pursued public art studies under the mentorship of the renowned public artist, David Wilson. Self taught in installation art, Cheek combines her interest in painting, sculpture, and textiles to create work that is both monumental and delicate.


Cheek’s work includes commissions at the North Carolina Museum of Art, outdoor art installations for Artsplosure and Downtown Raleigh Alliance, and a large-scale, immersive installation for IMBA Live! – an international bluegrass festival in Raleigh, NC. Her upcoming projects include a significant collaborative public art project for Raleigh’s transit department and multiple temporary installations for outdoor spaces and greenways in the Southeast.