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Roswell Arts Fund Board of Directors Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the Roswell Arts Fund board.  RAF is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 2014. In 2015 it was selected as the designated Art Agency for City of Roswell, and since then we have changed the conversation about Public Art in the city, strengthening its scope and advocating its ability to Ignite the imagination, Impact social change and economic growth, and Inspire dialogue 

The Roswell Arts Fund volunteer board consists of community leaders who provide direction and oversight, act as advocates and who are excited about our current and future programming. 

If you are interested in applying, we invite you to learn more below and complete the application..

About the Roswell Arts Fund Board

Board Member Attributes

  • Entrepreneurial spirit, personal integrity, bold strategic thinking, strong business acumen, energetic advocacy skills, a passion for the Arts, as well as a network of Roswell residents and businesses to build the Roswell Arts Fund
  • Ability to listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well with a diverse people, individually and in a group.
  • Willing to prepare for and attend meetings, ask tough questions, take responsibility and follow through on assignments, contribute personal and financial resources in a generous way according to circumstances, open doors in the community and evaluate oneself.
  • Cultivate or strengthen skills such as fundraising, recruitment, and financial acumen.

Board Member Responsibilities


  • Determine and uphold the Fund’s mission and vision by creating and executing strategy that articulates and achieves the Fund’s goals.
  • Elect Officers and Board Members in an ongoing effort to build a diverse and competent Board. Board membership will be self-perpetuating.
  • Monitor and strengthen plans and deliverables.
  • Provide financial oversight and ensure adequate financial resources.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity, maintaining credible public standing by demonstrating Duty of Care (responsible stewards of the Fund), Duty of Loyalty (act on behalf of the Fund, and not for personal gain) and Duty of Obedience (act in ways consistent with Fund’s mission). 

Participation and Terms

  • Attend at least 2/3 of all full Board Meetings and committee meetings. It is anticipated that meetings will be six times per year, occurring every other month.
  • Chair or serve on a minimum of one Committee, and attend at least 2/3 of Committee Meetings. It is anticipated that meetings will be six times per year, occurring every other month, between Board Meetings.
  • Terms will be staggered. The initial Directors shall be divided into three (3) groups, with one group serving for one (1) year, a second group serving for two (2) years, and a third group serving for three (3) years. Following the expiration of the initial terms of office, all Directors may serve for an additional term of three (3) years.
  • Give or Get Financial Contribution – Board members will either contribute or raise funds annually to the Roswell Arts Fund. The primary objective of the Roswell Arts Fund is to raise money. Every Board member will be responsible to actively raise money.
  • Read documents as distributed in preparation for Board meetings, discussions and decisions.
  • Research and stay current with Arts trends and news regionally and nationally.
  • Understand the organizational documents, policies and procedures of the Roswell Arts Fund to ensure legal compliance and no actions that would jeopardize 501c3 status.
  • To ensure the integrity of the organization and brand, letterhead, business cards, and stationary with the Roswell Arts Fund logo and identifying information can be used by board members for RAF business following approval of correspondence by appointed staff member or Board Chair.


  • Develop and strengthen relationships with City Staff, Elected Officials, City Commissions and Boards, Sponsors and Donors.
  • Actively advocate for Roswell Arts Fund initiatives across a wide range of constituencies.
  • Identify capable and energetic candidates for the Board.


Historic Charm.

The city of Roswell, Georgia is proud of its rich history, small-town character, and promising future. Our focus is on making the city of Roswell a destination for the arts and to make the arts a part of the city’s brand.


Creative Culture.

Nestled along the Chattahoochee River just north of Atlanta, Roswell is home to a vibrant restaurant scene and an extensive art community, including exciting galleries, inspiring performing arts, and talented working artists.


Economic Vitality.

Roswell Arts Fund was founded to strengthen the scope of arts in the city and to champion the ability of the arts to excite the imagination, strengthen public places, and encourage conversation.

Be a part of what we believe in!

Help us strengthen the scope and the quality
of the arts in Roswell!