ArtAround Roswell 2020 Sculpture

Cloud 9 Under Scrutiny

Justin Deister | Louisville CO

Location: Big Creek Park

Materials:  Metal, polycarb, concrete, foam, fiberglass
Dimensions: 72 in x 14 in x 14 in
Cost:  $9,000

Do you remember how important it was as a kid that food groups on your dinner plate not touch each other? How the green beans juice melted the gelatin and together threatened to contaminate the mashed potatoes? That’s where the art began for Justin – managing the interactions of objects in their shared palette upon the plate.

Justin Deister enjoys tapping into shared life experiences, using group memory to generate new relationships with objects, images and places. The fun begins when elements that usually exist apart come together and interact within a shared space. This change of context presents a new sense of form and interaction which tells a new story with new meaning and opportunities for the viewer to develop amazing new memories.

By bringing the storm to the ground and having it emerge as if from a loudspeaker connected by lightning to the cloud, Deister creates tension and humor. What was once a threatening shadow on the horizon is now at ground level, inviting interaction, discussion, and joy.

In this piece, Justin wanted to explore the clouds and the freedom they represent. They exist wherever they choose, without regard to their form or character, and in the atmosphere/sky that, all the creatures of the world share.

“Cloud 9 Under Scrutiny” asks if clouds can serve as an example of how to ignore the double yellow lines below and find ways to share our natural resources to live in peace.