ArtAround Roswell aims to strengthen appearance of public art in city


With the increasing interest in public art throughout the city, Roswell Art Fund aims to continue its contribution with the second year of ArtAround Roswell.

According to Roswell Art Fund Chair Rochelle Mucha, ArtAround Roswell helps brand the city as evolving, seeking to reach out to our young professionals and millennials with our art, as well as appeal to our more traditional visitors and residents.

“Public Art is how you define your sense of place, tell people how you want to be known. We believe ArtAround Roswell expands and enlivens the city of Roswell and its brand,” Mucha said.

A “Request for Proposal” goes out to the artist community through Americans for the Arts for established pieces of work, not commissioned pieces, according to Roswell Arts Fund Chair Rochelle Mucha.

Artists from around the country have the opportunity to submit established works of art for consideration for the city tour.

A Public Art Selection Panel, comprised of Roswell Arts Fund members, business leaders, elected officials, community representatives and artists is assembled.

The panel reviews, discusses and ranks submissions during a one day meeting until a consensus is achieved as to the selected artworks and where they will be installed.

“We narrow down the submissions to 10, then match each piece to one of our pre-determined sites,” she said.

The goal, according to Mucha, is to provide an eclectic tour that is both traditional and progressive, provocative and playful, while activating Roswell’s tagline of “Modern Spirit. Southern Soul.”

The tour includes traditional works such as “Reception” and playful works such as “BorBor 6.1.”

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