Study Calls For Amphitheater, Music Education Venue In Roswell


ROSWELL, GA — The Roswell Arts Fund has wrapped up phase two of a study into whether another performing arts space is needed in the city. The second phase of the study explored questions such as who would be the users of a proposed space, how would it thrive in the region and who would attend shows at the new space.

According to Roswell Arts Fund, its findings indicate “strong potential audience” within the city as well as “clear gaps” in high-quality space available in the city.

The organization also notes respondents reported strong interest in traditional performances, such as ballet, opera, symphony and theatre, as well as an interest in music genres such as jazz, blues, gospel and other culturally rich sounds.

Specifically, the results from the second phase recommend the following:

  • Develop a facility for music, music education, meetings and events. This would be a state-of-the-art, regionally distinct facility for live music and would accommodate a capacity of 400 to 600 in the main performance area and an additional informal space for groups of 100 or less. Programming might include regular performances by an in-house band or ensemble; locally, regionally, and nationally touring acts; and outside rentals.
  • Build an all year round amphitheater space along the river.
  • Renovate the Cultural Arts Center.

It should be noted that Roswell Arts Fund previously said the existing 600-seat Cultural Arts Center would remain in place. The updates to the Center should include acoustical treatments; updates to lighting, sound and project equipment; installing an automatic curtain and making some backstate improvements.

These recommendations are not mutually exclusive, but more broadly present a holistic performance vision for the city, Roswell Arts Fund added. The organization notes it has requested funding from the city to conduct a business plan and physical site plan to further explore these three recommendations. As of May 9, Roswell Arts Fund said that request has been denied by the city.

The latest findings will be presented to the mayor and City Council on May 14 at Roswell City Hall. You can learn more about the results of the feasibility study by clicking here or emailing board@roswellartsfund.org.



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